Coconut Nectar Sugar (Granulated)


100% of coconut nectar sugar

Size: 100 grams

Product detail:

  • 100 % natural
  • Coconut nectar sugar is produced from the sweet juice of the coconut blossom. 
  • Using traditional farm-level techniques and harvest it from the blossom.
  • Low Glycemic Index (GI); not cause an insulin spike/ sugar high and less insulin to decrease sugar blood (comparable with the GI of the most vegetables and fruit)
  • Consists of many nutrients that not found in table sugar such as Vitamin C, Iron
  • High nutritional value such as potassium that helps control blood sugar level and cholesterol directly, and control pressure to be normal
  • Contains no preservatives and chemical


  • Add to any drinks; coffee, tea, chocolate etc.
  • Top on croissant, waffle, pancake, yogurt, granola
  • Add to any desserts


A sweet taste and mild caramel flavor with a floral aroma in a form of nibs


At room temperature, in a dry and cool place.